• TS3 access restricted to only one address

    I transferred the TS3 server to my new internet connection today so you have to use ts.nordictacticalgamers.com!

    Using only nordictacticalgamers.com will not work anymore so update your bookmarks.

  • New member

    The clan is slowly growing as 0LJ4 teamed up yesterday too!


  • New member

    Our new friend from UK wanted to join our squad after playing CS and Siege with us for a couple of weeks!

    Welcome NTG.Kaos to the team!

  • New CSGO server

    We rented a 128 tick CS:GO server in Stockholm as we have started to play the game more and more again!

    Stockholm should be a optimal position for our English and German friends also.  

     The IP to the server is csgo.nordictacticalgamers.com

  • Member resigning

    Our friend Hippo have decided to leave our squad. :(

    We wish you all the best in the future and you know where to find us when you're up for some gaming again!

    /NTG team

  • More friends joining up!

    Glajan decided to play with our humble squad of oldtimers too, welcome!

  • Another old friend joined our squad!

    dead_m3at decided to start gaming again and is ofcourse joining us under the NTG flag!