More friends joining up!

Glajan decided to play with our humble squad of oldtimers too, welcome!

Another old friend joined our squad!

dead_m3at decided to start gaming again and is ofcourse joining us under the NTG flag!


CS:GO Server

The previous host was not very good and had packetloss every day so we're back at Fragnet again.

The server is located in Espoo.


New CS:GO Server

Rented a 128 tick server from Net9 in Finland. Lets see if this is a keeper!

IP address:

R6 Siege

The R6 Siege proved to be a quite fun game after all so more and more people are buying it and are joining up for some intense matchmaking!

There are ofcourse a shitload of those famous UBI bugs that come bundled with the game but the 1.1 patch addressed alot of the more searious ones already.

Star Wars: Battlefront Open Beta

Star Wars: Battlefront open beta starts today 8.10 17:00 Finnish time, grab a copy below and team up on TS for some beta testing!

Siege Beta extended one more time

New date for shutdown is 4.10 now!

Everyone that have played atleast one match before 29.9 got 4 keys in their mail to share now too.